Airborne Law Enforcement

Having the right assets, in the right place, at the right time is what airborne support is all about. Rapid Imaging Solutions can assist in providing the right assets on fixed wing or rotor wing platforms, so law enforcement agencies can better perform their mission and provide critical support for officers and units on the ground. Below are a few of the systems that Rapid Imaging Solutions can equip your platform with. Providing pro-active air support to help your team when it matters the most!

  • Hi Definition Electro Optic Multi Sensor System

  • Augmented Reality Situational awareness – Keeping eyes on target!

  • Wide band tactical communications

  • Hi bandwidth streaming video

    •   Airborne Live-Link
  • Public Address System

  • Hi-Watt Searchlight – Slaved to EO/IR camera

  • Search & Rescue Direction Finding system

  • Tactical Flight Officer station with multiple Hi-definition displays, DVR, and tactical communications

washoe county 407 with TC300

Rapid Imaging Solutions equips aircraft with optimal tools and assets for Airborne Law Enforcement pilots. Contact us today to learn more about how we can aid in preparing your aircraft for when you need it most.

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