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Commissioning of an integrated mission suite and delivery to our customer doesn’t mean the project is complete? Rapid Imaging Solutions provides a system-level integrated training package comprised of all the systems in use by our customer. In addition, to provide continuing training beyond the project, we have partnered with several industry leaders in the simulation & ISR training world to deliver a custom, realistic virtual training environment.

Rapid Imaging Solutions has teamed with a leading custom flight simulator manufacturer to provide fully FAA & EASA licensed FTD & FNTP-II Flight Training Devices. Beginning January 2022, we will be the US Sales and Support arm for Euramec, NV. from Belgium.  Fulfilling a growing need for professional flight training in the Special Mission Fixed Wing and Rotor wing industry, Euramec and Rapid Imaging Solutions have developed the Virtual Crew Training System to address these needs. Whether it’s General, Commercial, or Military Aviation, Euramec and RIS can develop a VCTS designed to meet todays and tomorrow’s training needs while complying with or exceeding international certification standards.

The VCTS includes options for a custom-built flight deck designed to replicate the actual platform cockpit in use by our customer. Mission System Operator or Tactical Flight Officer stations that replicate the crew stations and functionality in their aircraft. We provide a virtual environment that simulates the real world flight model of the customer’s aircraft, Rotor or Fixed-wing, the region and area of responsibility for the customer agency, and detailed modeling of the areas of interest with custom-built training scenarios to assist the user in preparing for their mission.

The key to ISR training is emulating the collection of Vidint, Sigint, and Humint and educating experienced & new operators alike in the efficient use of that information. We provide a realistic training tool that emulates today’s modern thermal imaging systems down to the smallest details, integrated with the flight model being flown, with real world weather, situations, and challenges faced by operators similar to today’s headlines of world events!

Flight Simulation Solutions, spanning the world of single-engine piston aircraft to turboprops and business jets. Flight Training Devices built-to-spec in accordance with the customers’ requirements, certification to EASA, FAA and to specific national standards, affordable acquisition and low operating costs. Built to last a lifetime.

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